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Mission: to unite as citizens and actively engage in the preservation of the Spring Creek Watershed.


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March Educational Offering

Conservation Easements: What are they? How do they Work?

Thursday, March 23, 7-8pm,
Hardesty Library, Oak Meeting Room,
8316 E 93rd St, Tulsa
Saturday, March 25, 10-11am,
Peggs Community Center, Hwy 82, Peggs

You have a piece of property on Spring Creek, in the watershed, or anywhere else. You love it, and you enjoy the time you spend there. It's pleasing to own a part of such a special place...the clear flowing water, the trees of the riparian woods, the birds and other wildlife, the scenery. You hope it will stay intact and natural forever.

But what's going to happen to the land after you're gone? There are things you can do now to help assure that it will remain a special place. One option is a 'conservation easement,' an action you can take that will place protections on the property that remain after you no longer own it. There are benefits to you as the landowner both immediately and in the future. And you get to decide what the specific protections will be.

Learn more about this opportunity and an organization that can partner with you to achieve this peace of mind.

Jay Pruett, Director of Conservation, will discuss the Nature Conservancy and conservation easements at March meetings in Tulsa and Peggs. What are the advantages? The disadvantages? Choose the date and place that suits you best, come, and be informed.

Note: Spring Creek Coalition has no position on easements.