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American Woodcock.

American Woodcock - note the large prominent eye and long straight beak

Woodcock in Flight

The Woodcock in flight - note the short tail and bill pointed downward. Its flight is erratic, bat-like.

Birding at Spring Creek

There are many interesting and fun birds to see at Spring Creek. January and February are good months to see the American Woodcock. At dusk you can observe its interesting mating rituals. Sometime in late February it will migrate out of Oklahoma.

The American Woodcock is well camouflaged in the leaves of fall and winter. You are more likely to flush it and see it flying away than on the ground. Its flight is erratic, bat-like. In flight, note it's short tail and beak pointed downward.

You know there is an American Woodcock near when you hear it's distinctive "Peent". It's wings give a "twitter, twitter" sound when it performs its courtship display near dawn and dusk.

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Happy Birding!