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Oklahoma Salamander showing two life stages.

Oklahoma Salamander showing two life stages.

Salamander Outing - come search with us.

Salamander Outing - come search with us.

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Salamander Outing: SCC Hosts Amphibian Expert

Saturday, April 25th, 10:00 AM
Peggs Community Center, Peggs, OK, Highway 82

The Ozarks are home to a rich diversity of amphibians, some of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Ron Bonett, an Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Tulsa, has been studying these magnificent animals for more than 15 years. His most interesting subject is the Oklahoma Salamander, a species that can take on very different body forms.

In some streams larvae of the Oklahoma Salamander undergo metamorphosis and live their adult life on land. In other streams, like Spring Creek, they forgo metamorphosis and reach adulthood without ever leaving the water.

Ron will talk about the research that he and his students perform on the Oklahoma Salamander to understand what drives these differences in development, and their consequences for the conservation of this unique species, as well as the biodiversity of Ozark amphibians.

Bring Your Kids, Your Boots, a Shovel.

After Ron’s presentation, we will take a field trip to the creek to find Oklahoma Salamanders. Ron will have a couple of shovels to dig in the rocks just inside the stream edges. Bring your own, along with boots, water shoes, shorts for a hands-on experience. “We should uncover salamanders, darters, madtoms, mayflies – lots of interesting critters,” notes Ron.

Bring your lunch to picnic along the creek after we salamander hunt.

Ron grew up in Pennsylvania and has been interested in amphibians ever since he found his first red-backed salamander in a Philadelphia woodlot at the age of 10. His research combines two of his greatest passions: amphibians and spending time in upland streams.