Landowner Resources

In this section, we will add links to valuable resources for landowners as we become aware of them.

Fly ash used along the creek

Fly ash piled for use in bridge
repair along the creek -
a water quality issue: call DEQ

Who to call for issues, from trespassing to stream bank destruction to poaching: Issues Call List.

American Dog Tick

American dog tick,
carrier of Rocky Mt Spotted Fever

Guard against ticks by following simple tips, using repellent. Get information at the Center for Disease Control.

Litter dump near Rocky Ford

SCC members work on a
litter dump near Rocky Ford

Littering - it's against the law. What can you do to report littering?

Bare root tree seedlings

Healthy bare-root trees arrive in
packages of 50 from the Oklahoma
Forestry Service

Order bare-root trees at bargain prices (Nov-Mar), learn what trees are best for your area, and many other services at Oklahoma Forestry Services

Feral Hog

Feral hogs invade Oklahoma

The Feral Hog in Oklahoma - Current Status, Food Habits, Methods of Control... The Noble Foundation

invasive stink trees

Stink trees are an invasive causing
problems along Spring Creek.

Invasive plants - Oklahoma's species and how to control them, Oklahoma Invasive Plant Council