Science - Creek Studies

April along the creek

April along the creek.

Ecology of Spring Creek, A Large Ozark Creek in Oklahoma, 1988
Douglas B. Jester, Oklahoma Water Resources Board,
Everett M. Grigsby, Northeastern State University,
Spring Creek from source to end; comprehensive,
123 pages

2014 May Surface Water Baseline Sampling
Spring Creek Coalition Board,
Dr. Tom Alexander, Ms. Emily Hyde

Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Blue Thumb Volunteer Monitoring Data Reviews:

  1. Upstream
    Between Oaks and Teresita, Monitored 2001-2010
  2. Midstream
    Luck Spring area, Monitored 2008-2010
  3. Downstream
    Cavalier Road/Cedar Crest area, Monitored 2003-2013

1999-2001 Water Quality Monitoring Results, Spring Creek at Murphy
Oklahoma Water Resources Board,
Water Quality Programs Division
A water quality study, 6 pages