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2019 June:

  • SCC Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, July 27 - 25 years of Preservation & Education - Come Celebrate!

  • Poultry House Invasion Update

  • SCC on the Go - Tree Planting; Getting the Word Out; Collaborating on Air Monitoring

  • Update on Water Monitoring Plan

2018 december:

  • SCC Annual Meeting - Saturday, January 12, 1-2:30pm - Meet Pam and Brandy, Grassroots Activists in the Poultry Fight

  • Hands-on Learning at the Creek - watershed schools Peggs and Oaks Mission enjoy field days at Spring Creek

  • A Noticeable Difference - Over 1200 pounds of trash removed from the watershed

  • SCC 2019 Board Nominees

2018 September:

  • Give Back to Your Creek - Fall Clean-up November 3rd

  • Poultry Opposition Takes Off

  • Algae Growth Seen on Area Creeks

  • Are Poultry Houses Affecting Spring Creek?

2018 June:

  • Efforts to Stop Poultry Farm Construction on Spring Creek Succeed! "We are thrilled."

  • Emily Hyde - Where is She Now? (former board member credits SCC with setting her direction)

  • Spring Creek once again receives a rare Category 1 rating for water quality

  • Photo: 18 Tour Pensacola Dam in April

2018 March:

  • Tribute to Tom Alexander, Friend of Spring Creek Coalition

  • Spring Outing - GRDA Pensacola Dam Tour, April 14 - should be fun!

  • Peggs Water Company Secondary Water Source: Process Slow but Still on Track

  • Issue: Trout in Spavinaw Creek

2017 December:

  • SCC Annual Meeting, Saturday, January 13, 1-2:30pm, Peggs Community Center

  • GRDA CEO Dan Sullivan to speak

  • Peggs School Ecology Field Trip to the Creek

  • Cedar Crest and SCC Clean Up

  • 2018 Board Nominees

  • Three Springs Farm Outing

2017 September:

  • Fall Outing: Three Springs Organic Farm, Saturday, October 21, 10am

  • Significant Women in Agrictulture: Emily Oakley

  • Fall Creek Clean-up, King's Curve/Cooper's Bridge, Saturday November 4th, 10am

  • Katie Easter Reports: The Snails of Spring Creek

  • Watershed Schools Outreach

  • School Liaison Needed

2017 June:

  • Coalition Notes Death of Robert K. Heth, Valued Science Advisor

  • Isopods, Why They Matter

  • Watercress: a Spring Creek Superfood

  • SCC Meets with GRDA

2017 March:

  • Call for 2017 Dues and Donations

  • Conservation Easements Informational Meetings, Thursday, March 23, 7-8pm, Tulsa, or Saturday, March 25, 10-11am, Peggs Community Center

  • Isopod Outing, Saturday, April 22, 10am-Noon, Peggs Community Center and at the creek

  • Meet Your Neighbors: Peggs Entrepreneurs David & Jessica Spencer

  • Annual Meeting Recap in Photos

2016 December:

  • SCC Annual Meeting, Saturday, January 14, 1-2:30pm, Peggs Community Center

  • International Crew Films at Sprng Creek

  • 2017 SCC Board Nominees

  • TCC Students Complete Spring Creek Mapping Project

  • Cliff Ridge Hike Inspiring

  • Cedar Crest and SCC Join Forces at Cooper's Bridge

2016 September:

  • Give Back to Your Creek - Creek Clean-up at Cooper's Bridge November 5

  • Know Before You Vote - State Question 777

  • Fall Outing Special: Ridge Cliff Trail Hike October 15

  • Enthusiasm High at August Board Meeting - Conservation Interests Shared between SCC, GRDA, ODWC and TNC

  • Local Stonerollers Featured in Upcoming Documentary

  • 2017 Spring Creek Calendars now available - reserve yours

2016 June:

  • "What Streams Do!" - recap of Dr. Dutnell's Stream Dynamics Seminar

  • Know Before You Vote - State Question 777

  • Oklahoma Scenic Rivers Commission Eliminated, but Mission Continues

  • Sustainable Pasture Management

  • Member Feedback - Responses to Your Concerns

2016 March:

  • Call for dues and donations

  • Educational Seminar on Stream Dynamics, Saturday, April 16, 2016, Peggs Community Center

  • Member Feedback Poll

  • Annual Meeting Recap

  • Meet Your Neighbors - the Bylers

  • Kountry Market Special for SCC - 10% discount through April, 2016

  • Spring Creek Coalition Now on Facebook

2015 December:

  • Annual Meeting Notice, Saturday, January 9, 2016, Peggs Community Center

  • Improving Land and Water Through Stewardship, presentation by Trey Lam, Executive Director, Oklahoma Conservation Commission

  • 2016 Board Member Nominees

  • SCC Hosts GRDA at the Creek

  • SCC Wins Prestigious Awards

  • Clean-up Nets 1,430 Pounds of Trash

  • Consider SCC for a Year-End Charitable Donation

2015 September:

  • Give Back to Your Creek - Fall Clean-up at King's Curve

  • Local Man Takes on Trash, Inspires Others

  • Oaks New Wastewater Plant Helps Protect Spring Creek

  • Environmental Flows, the Key to Our Stream's Future

  • Meet Your Neighbor - Shawnna Maag, Cave Spring Campground

  • 2016 Spring Creek Calendars Now Available

2015 June:

  • Recap of Salamander Outing

  • Tick Season - Take Precautions

  • German Fish Collectors Seen Collecting Spring Creek LongEar Sunfish

  • Secondary Water Source Should Take Pressure Off Peggs Water Company and Spring Creek

  • Unlitter Begins with U - Take Out More than U Bring In

2015 March:

  • In Memorium: Chris Robb

  • Spring Tree Planting, Saturday, March 28, 10AM

  • Boulders, Branches, Brush & Water - Stream Dynamics and Restoration - Annual Meeting Recap

  • Conservation Districts Source of Help to Watershed Landowners

  • Salamander Outing, Saturday, April 25, 10AM

  • Call for 2015 Dues

2014 December:

  • Annual Meeting Notice, Saturday, January 10, 2015 Peggs Community Center

  • Boulders, Branches, Brush & Water - Stream Dynamics and Restoration, special presentation by Jerri Fleming

  • 2015 Board Member Nominees

  • Alexander to Review Results of Creek Testing at Annual Meeting

  • Fall Creek Clean-up Frosty but Fun

  • Something You Might See Around You – Frost Flowers

  • Buy trees for less than $1.00 apiece

  • Fall Wildflower Walk

  • Consider SCC for a Year-End Charitable Donation

2014 Fall:

  • Wildflower Walk, Saturday, September 20

  • State Agencies and SCC Work Together

  • Give Back to Your Creek

  • Creek Clean-Up Little Blue Hole/Cave Springs, Saturday, November 1

  • SCC Takes First Step to Create Chemical Baseline

  • Reserve Your 2015 Calendar

  • In Memorium: Beula Dee Combs

2014 Summer:

  • 20th Anniversary Field Day Celebration, Saturday, June 21

  • Temperature Loggers in the Creek Collect Needed Data

  • It's Summer - Where Can I Swim?

2014 Spring:

  • Save the Date - 20th Anniversary Celebration, Saturday, June 14

  • Call for 2014 Dues and Donations

  • SCC Hosts Geologist at Annual Meeting

  • Guard Against Ticks by Following Simple Tips

  • "Tick Fever - Up Close and Personal" - by Alicia Osborne

  • Find Spring Creek Fish on Facebook - Stream Things

2013 December:

  • Annual Meeting Notice, Saturday, January 11, 2014 Peggs Community Center

  • A Speaker Who Knows His Geology

  • 2014 Board Member Nominees

  • SCC Teams with Cherokee Nation to Tackle Dump Site

  • Watershed Sign Re-instated on Highway 82

  • Oklahoma's Mound Building Cultures

  • Eagles Fly at Spring Creek October to March

2013 Fall:

  • Fall Outing Announcement - Archeology and Artifacts in the Spring Creek Area

  • How Long Have the Springs Been Running? - Longer Than We Can Fathom

  • Temperature Loggers Placed in Spring Creek

  • Fall Clean Up at Cave Springs Saturday, Nov. 2

2013 Summer:

  • Teresita, Chouteau, Oaks Mission - Names Reflect Our History

  • Summertime - Where Can I Swim?

  • Innovative Techniques Being used to Resotre Creek Woodlands

  • History and Wildflowers Abound at Lucky Spring

2013 Spring:

  • Spring Outing: Wildflower/History Walk, Saturday, April 13

  • Fish Featured at Annual Meeting

  • Litter and the Law

  • Call for 2013 Dues and Donations

2012 December:

  • Annual Meeting Notice, Saturday, January 12, 2013

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish: Oklahoma's Stream Fish Diversity

  • Plane Ride Over Spring Creek Watershed

  • November 3rd Creek Clean-up Rewarding

2012 October:

  • Fall Creek Clean-Up and Walk to New Bridge, Saturday, November 3, 2012

  • New Bridge Nearing Completion

  • SCC Effort to Reduce Litter

  • Cleaning the Creek is Important

  • Three Springs Farm Fall Outing Review

  • Drought Has Significant Impact

  • SCC Annual Meeting Date: Sat. January 12, 1:30-3:30pm, Best Western, Locust Grove

2012 June:

  • Fall Outing to Three Springs Farm, Saturday, September 29, 2012

  • SCC Picks Up Efforts to Reduce Litter

  • Tree Planting Leaves Creek Banks Improved

  • If Someone Fishes on Your Property, Are They Trespassing?

  • Construction Begins on New Bridge at Twin Bridges

  • Musk Thistle: a Rapid Invader that Quickly Decreases Size of Livestock Grazing Areas

2012 February:

  • Spring Tree Planting, Saturday, March 31, 2012

  • Order Your Own Trees for Under $1 Each

  • Spring Creek...a Special Remembrance, by Wes Combs

  • Lucky Springs Has Interesting History, by George Kamp

  • Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry

  • Call for 2012 Dues and Donations

  • Annual Meeting a Huge Success

2011 December:

  • Annual Meeting Notice, Saturday, January 14, 2012

  • Biographies of Board Members up for Election

  • Mia Revels to Speak on Favorite Spring Creek Birds

  • Update to be given on Water Being Taken from Spring Creek

  • "Inspiration on Display" Exhibit

  • Fall Creek Clean-up Thank You

2011 September:

  • Gravel Mining Update - Permit Suspended; Land for Sale

  • Fall Clean-Up Event November 5th

  • Why Cleaning the Creek is Important

  • Meet Your Neighbors, Jesse Maner - Local Man Returns Home

  • SCC Auction a Huge Success

  • Mailing Label Now Shows Dues Status

2011 May:

  • Gravel Mining on Double Spring Creek

  • Spring Creek Stones Inspire Artists
    (Marianna and Jeff Wilson wed at the creek; local jeweler Nancy Hamill finds inspiration)

  • "Battling Invasive Plants in Oklahoma, a Global Problem" by Priscilla Crawford

  • Call for 2011 Dues

2011 January:

  • Feral Hogs Article Extra

  • January 15 Annual Meeting Great Success

  • "Winter Brings Bald Eagles to Spring Creek" by Mia Revels

  • Fall Clean-Up Event Thank You!

  • Meet Your Neighbors, Charles and Donna Drury - City Folks Move to the Country

  • Time to Order Trees Again

  • Spring Tree Planting Scheduled for March 26 at the Robb's property

2010 Fall:

  • Fall Clean-Up Event

  • "Who Let the Hogs Out?" by Neal Russell

  • "A Stream's Struggle to Balance" by Jennifer Owen

  • Governor's Water Conference

2010 Summer:

  • "Spring Creek--Uniquely Diverse and Pristine" by Kip Heth

  • "Blue Thumb Volunteers Monitor the Creek Monthly" by Beth Rooney

  • "Meet Your Neighbors(Kay Frank)- Farming Fish at Spring Creek"

  • EPA Seeks Public Comment on Fly Ash Regulations

2010 Spring:

  • We Need Your Support...

  • Tree Planting a Great Success - Despite Mother Nature

  • "Spring Creek - Home to Rare Fish" by David Martinez

  • "Meet Your Neighbors - Organic Farming on Spring Creek" by Emily Oakley and Mike Appel

  • How Cold is the Water?

2009 Winter:

  • Volunteers Needed for Tree Planting - Save Cave Springs!

  • "Riparian Zones - Planting Trees Can Help Save Our Creek"

  • Poultry Trial Set to Conclude in Early February

  • Scientists Serve as Advisory Body; NSU Students Perform Research at the Creek

  • Time to Order Trees Again!

2009 Fall:

  • Strength in Numbers

  • Fly Ash Used for Road Maintenance at Twin Bridges

  • "Oklahoma, Where the Floods Come Sweeping Down the Plains" by Neal Russell

  • Spring Creek - Recreation or Trespassing?

  • Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan in Progress