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Our issue of most concern:


Poultry house proliferation in spring creek watershed

The Spring Creek Coalition board believes that Spring Creek is at a tipping point. The influx of 219 mega poultry houses in the past 18 months, many within the Spring Creek watershed, is having an impact. We are alarmed.

If you have traveled US Highway 412 between Locust Grove and Fayetteville, AR recently, you know what I mean.  You will see poultry house after poultry house that each holds 50,000 birds at a time.  What you don’t see is just as many built off to the south in the Spring Creek watershed affecting tributaries that feed into Spring Creek.

Ours is a small watershed; it cannot absorb a large degree of pollutants.  Spring Creek appears to be going the way of the Illinois River and other poultry waste-polluted streams in Northeast Oklahoma.  We need to be proactive and stop this now.


We need your help

The board is raising money to pay for environmental lawyers to make sure the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture properly regulates the enormous amounts of poultry waste generated by these mega poultry facilities so that it doesn't pollute any state waters, especially those of our beloved Spring Creek.

Any amount is appreciated. Will you help?