A Pristine Ozark Stream

Spring Creek is the most pristine large Ozark stream left in the state of Oklahoma.



Originating near Kansas, OK, Spring Creek flows 34 miles through Delaware, Cherokee and Mayes Counties before emptying into Fort Gibson Lake.



Small springs throughout the watershed contribute most of the estimated 15 million gallons a day flowing down the stream.  The Spring Creek Watershed drains over 117,000 acres.

Water Quality

These springs help make Spring Creek one of the most pristine streams in Oklahoma.

There are issues with poultry litter in the watershed starting to make the waters nutrient-loaded (i.e., too much phosphorous) as shown by mossy gravel, an over abundance of snails, and algae growth in some areas.

Longear Sunfish


Spring Creek supports over forty species of fish, including Smallmouth Bass. Seventy percent of these fish are cool water species and have strict habitat requirements: they cannot thrive in degraded water quality or habitat. 

Spring Creek Watershed has provided excellent hunting opportunities for thousands of years, as indicated by the abundance of Indian artifacts in the area. Whitetail deer and wild Turkey are taken out of the watershed each year.


Spring Creek water temperature ranges from around 50 to 75 degrees. The combination of cool temperatures and crystal clear water make Spring Creek's swimming areas enjoyable for recreational activities.

The land along Spring Creek is private, but there are one or two commercial areas available for swimming, camping, and picnicking.