Six Bodies of Water Ruled Clean

Spring Creek is rated a High Quality Water.

Only six bodies of water of the thousands of lakes and streams monitored in Oklahoma were found to be clear of harmful levels of pollution according to the latest 2016 Oklahoma Department of Agriculture biennial Integrated Water Quality Assessment report released in 2018. The rest of the waters watched by the state either weren't tested or are polluted beyond federal standards.

The report summarizes monitoring of

  • 4,212 separate surface water bodies including

  • 3,783 streams and

  • 429 lakes

Only Spring Creek, two other streams, and three lakes achieved a Category 1 status meaning they support all beneficial uses including primary body contact recreation.

Spring Creek also rose to the top in 2008 and 2010, but findings of E. coli lowered its rating in 2012 and 2014. Lance Phillips of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board said their tolerance on E. coli is very low. Even a slight amount reduces a stream’s rating. So although Spring Creek’s water quality is cause for celebration, continued monitoring is needed.

You can view the ODEQ’s water quality reports at

Spring Creek’s code is: OK121600010290_00, in Appendix B.